River Brazos Flooding

Normally, I am pretty tongue-in-cheeky; but today I am talking about something very serious and very sad: loss of life.

As many of you may know, or not, the River Brazos seriously flooded several days ago. A few people lost their lives, but many, many more animals died; and those that managed to survive were often seen standing knee deep in water, or on tiny islands lost in the middle of the vast flood. I have posted a short video showing cattle and horses caught in the flood (you might want to mute the sound, though). People did all they could to help out, but most of them had to think about their families first. I am just glad it is high and dry where I live. Not that we haven’t received our fait share of rain, mind you: there are puddles all over the pasture, the ditches are still full of water, and the ground underneath my hooves is quite squishy. And it’s supposed to rain again this weekend!

Christmas time

Christmas is almost here again! And I have a long list of all I want: several big bags of yummy apple-flavored horse treats by Manna Pro (Ziggy is partial to peppermint), a new fly mask and fly sheet for the summer (there’s one by Kensington which looks really snazzy), a nice padded break-away leather halter (Ziggy wants one of those, too), two Jolly balls (one for me and one for Ziggy), and a Jolly Tug (so that Ziggy and I can play tug-o-war together)

I know I may sound a little materialistic asking for all that stuff, but I haven’t forgotten what Christmas season means. Remember, we were there when the Christ child was born: the sheep, the cattle, Mary’s donkey. . . Our bodies provided the heat that warmed the stable, and the manger, where He was laid, was filled with sweet-smelling hay that reminded one of Harvest Time. Although some people are horrified at the notion that the Christ child was born in a stable, but it was probably the best place for him to be, away from cramped rooms filled with smelly travelers. The stable was a safe and peaceful place for Him to be. And we animals all knew who He was, even though most humans did not. We knew that He was special, for we could see the light that came from Him, the light that would, one day, fill the world.

The shelter is gone

A three weeks ago bad storms blew through our area bringing with them a couple of tornadoes. One of them passed overhead wreaking havoc in our little pasture. Several trees had their limbs torn off, small branches and twigs lay everywhere and the roof over our stalls was blown half way to the front gate, about six loping strides. Our mistress has spent days picking things up and throwing them on a pile.

We’ve been able to cope with, Ziggy and I. Our coats have grown longer, and there is plenty of windbreaks to hide behind, but I do hate getting wet when it is cold! Of course, cold in South Texas isn’t like cold in Michigan or Montana; but then again, we’re not used to that kind of cold down here on the Gulf Coast.

I know our mistress is busy cutting down trees off the surrounding fence, but I do wish she’d hurry up and get the roof back over our stalls. [Sniffle]