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Hello, followers. Just wanted to tell you about two new blogs Ziggy and I just hooked up to: It’s A Goat’s Life, a blog written by my little goat friend Nikki Manyspots. He’s a nice little Spanish/Boer mix goat who likes to climb trees; and The Gentleman Cat, a blog written by Chewbakka Swiftpaws, one of the resident cats. Chewbakka is quite the intellectual, and often waxes philosophical about life in general. Thought I’d mention these two little blogs to you, just in case you’re interested.

Nothing much has been going on on the ranch lately. I’m still waiting for the Spring grass to come up, but we had a pretty chilly night last night, so I guess the warm weather isn’t just around the corner. The azaleas are in full bloom, however, and really look pretty. Some of the trees have started to put out new leaves, but the pecans are still bare. Ziggy says that the pecans will be the last ones to put out leaves and that’s when you know warm weather is here to stay. Ziggy knows a lot about that stuff. She’s the one who told me NEVER to eat azaleas because they are poisonous. Now why would I eat a bush when there’s plenty of grass to eat?



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