The Eye of the Horse

Today I want to talk about my experience with an eye problem. It happened one three-day weekend when my mistress was gone and the neighbors were looking out for Ziggy and myself. They are very nice people, mind you, but not very horse savvy. Anyway, I got an itch on my back, laid down, and rolled, as I usually do, except that day I happened to roll on an ant hill. Wow! Those fireants can really bite! I managed to wipe them off by rubbing my head on the grass, but not before they had bitten one side of my neck and part of my face, including my left eye!. My mistress checked on us as soon as she got home and found me in the pasture with my left eye almost closed. She quickly got the vet out to look at me, and he had an eye specialist come in. It is fortunate that she reacted quickly or I could have lost the sight in my left eye. As it is, I have a small scar on the cornea which in no way impedes my eye sight. I was lucky, other horses not so much.

Please do not take a horse’s weeping eye lightly. It can mean the difference between sight and blindness.


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