Fall Begins Anew

The cooler weather is back, and am I glad! No more hot, humid days with sweat dripping down my sides, no more pesky mosquitoes biting my neck and tummy; of course, it’s still bot fly season and Ziggy and I have a bunch of sticky yellow eggs on our legs, even though my mistress regularly removes them those dratted bot flies keep coming back.

The farrier came last Saturday and I am proud to say he was pleased with the condition of my hooves: the slight quarter crack has all grown out (it took 18 weeks) so my hooves look just as good as Ziggy’s. You see, I inherited poor hoof wall from my dam, so my mistress has to take extra care of my hooves so they don’t crack or split. I also get a special supplement in my feed. Ziggy gets it too, although she doesn’t really need it. Her hooves are rock hard, just like her dam’s. Oh, well.

I don’t mind getting my hooves trimmed. It feels good after the farrier is done, I just don’t like the dewormer our mistress gives us after the trimming. I don’t see how Ziggy can just stand there while our mistress squirts the stuff into our mouths. Try as I might, I can never spit the stuff out: it cakes my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Yuk! Of course, our mistress makes up for it by giving each of us a couple of treats. Ziggy is partial to the apple-flavored ones, I don’t really care: a treat is a treat. Yum!

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