New Kids on the Block

My name is Ziggy Silverhoof, and together with my paddock friends, we are starting a blog to talk about those things we equines are interested in, and also those things horse owners should be interested in. There’ll be stories about our lives a small South Texas ranch, as well as tips about horse care and nutrition.

I am a double registered Quarter Horse, meaning that I am registered with both the American Quarter Horse Association and the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry, being a descendant of Leo on my sire’s side and King on my mother’s side. I was born and raised on the Rockin Y Ranch and spend my days grazing in the pasture, when not working cattle or taking my mistress on a pleasure ride. By the way, with the summer heat close at hand, have y’all thought about keeping your horses from getting heat-stressed? Keep the water handy, and be mindful of working us hard when the heat index rises


New Kids on the Block — 2 Comments

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