Springtime is here

After a longer than usual Winter, Spring is here at last! The pecan trees have finally leafed out so that means the cold weather is OVER! Of course, here in South Texas we don’t get too much cold weather, although we did get a few days when our water tank froze and our mistress had to come out and break the ice for us.

I do look forward to Spring when the grass starts growing again, and my mistress starts riding again, and I get to show her that I haven’t forgotten any of my dressage moves, and Ziggy gets to show off how fast she can spin and how far she can slide, and we both get to work cattle. A month ago, three Brangus heifers were dropped off at our pasture. They’ll be here until fall when they will be tranferred to the south pasture to be bred. I’m sure our mistress will let Ziggy and I practice with them.

BTW, don’t forget this Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. My favorite is Danza because he looks like me.

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