Yesterday my curiosity got me into trouble. All I wanted to do was to see what was inside the building my mistress built for the goats. It is basically a tubular frame placed over metal panels and the whole covered by a big tarp to keep the rain out. There is a low, narrow door at the entrance which I stuck my head through. There wasn’t much to see except for… feeders at the far end. Could there be food in them? I just had to check them out. So I pushed my way through the narrow door and found myself inside the building. I checked the feeders: no food. Not much else, either. I turned around to leave but now that door seemed so small. I poked my head out side and was about to push myself through the opening when a gust of wind came up and blew the front flap down, hitting me in the face. I immediately backed away from the door. Now, I was trapped.

I turned around and around inside the pen, but there was no other way out. “Help! Help! I’m trapped! I’m scared! ” I cried, but there was no one there to help me. Daylight waned and darkness came. Then I heard her, my mistress. She was coming to feed us all. I heard her whistling; I heard Ziggy come running up from the pasture; I heard the goats  walking back and forth in front of the pen, waiting to be let in. Again and again I heard my mistress calling my name, but I was too scared to answer. Finally, I mustered enough courage to call out: “In here! In here!”

The front flap was lifted and my mistress, flashlight in hand, peered inside. “Squeaky?” she said. “What are you doing in here?” She came over to me and patted my neck. “Come on, let’s go.” But I was too scared to go through the narrow door. So she dismantled one side of the building so I could get out. The goats were put up, Ziggy and I were feed, and I got an extra ration. That’s my mistress.


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