Winter has finally come to our little neck of the woods. Of course, Winter in South Texas is nothing like Winter in the northern states. No snow, for one, and milder temperatures. Our mistress has put out two large round bales of hay for us, but there is still green grass to munch on, much tastier than dry hay! My coat hair is getting longer to protect me from the cooler nights, and there is a nice shelter for Ziggy and I to get out of the cold rain when it comes. Since it gets dark early, my mistress is only riding on the week ends. I like it when she rides me because she always carries nice treats with her like carrot bits or apple-flavored treats which she rewards me with when I do something well. Right now we’re working on the half-pass. That’s a dressage movement when you’re going both forward and sideways. I like dressage, especially since I get rewarded a lot. Ziggy doesn’t like dressage. She says it’s too hard, too much to remember. She likes reining and cutting better.

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