Year End… already?

How quickly the year goes by! I can hardly believe that today is the last day of 2012. Soon people will be setting off their fireworks celebrating the end of the year. Thank the Great Skyhorse that my pasture buddy Ziggy and I live in a quiet neighborhood. Before I came to live with my mistress, I was stabled in a barn that was very close to town and New Year’s eve was a terrible night for most of us. I say most of us because there was one old horse Gus, short for Peppy’s August Moon, who was hard of hearing. He would just stand in his stall, munching on hay, while the rest of us would pace around, whinnying to one another for comfort. One year a mare named Lacey tried to kick down her stall door. All the good that did her: she was laid up for several weeks with two swollen rear pasterns. Anyway, I’ll be glad when tonight is over. Humans can keep their fireworks, I prefer to listen to Nature’s night sounds.


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